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Since Yogurt Hut’s first location in 2009, numerous people have expressed their interest in having a Yogurt Hut in their town. Guests from large cities and small towns alike enjoy Yogurt Hut’s design, friendly staff, flavors, and toppings; they often claim that Yogurt Hut is better than other frozen yogurt shops (some of which include industry franchise leaders).

Yogurt Hut is pleased to announce the availability of the Yogurt Hut brand to those wishing to start a frozen yogurt business in their area. *(a)

The Yogurt Hut brand is positioned to do well in coastal areas, inland areas where people dream of their next tropical vacation, and in non-traditional venues such as cruise lines, university food courts, and hotels. Yogurt Hut is a fun place for families, couples, and singles, of every age.

Yogurt Hut is not a franchise; however, through a unique licensing agreement, Licensees are able to enjoy all of the features and benefits of the Yogurt Hut brand. Licensees are allowed to open their own Yogurt Hut location(s) without the stringent barriers to entry often found in franchise agreements. Yogurt Hut’s licensing agreement is a perfect combination for someone who has enough capital to launch their own frozen yogurt store, the business skills and knowledge to ensure its success, and the desire to have a recognized and growing brand in their area, without paying astronomical fees associated with current franchise models.

Frozen yogurt franchises often require franchisees to pay brand use fees between $25,000-$45,000, royalties of up to 12% of gross sales, and require a minimum of $250,000+ in capital to start up; even with these fees, there is no guarantee that a franchisee will be successful.

Yogurt Hut’s licensing structure allows for greater flexibility providing an opportunity to small business entrepreneurs and corporations desiring to run a frozen yogurt location, utilizing a recognized, high quality brand! *(b)

Yogurt Hut offers its brand to Licensees’ in the following ways:
1. Traditional venue, brand use fee $15,000. *(c)
2. Non-traditional venue, brand use fee $7,500. *(d)
3. Yogurt Hut receives a royalty of 3.5% of gross quarterly sales per licensed unit.
4. It is suggested that prospective Licensees have a minimum of $175,000 in liquid capital to start their location. *(e)
5. Yogurt Hut offers assistance and consulting services to Licensees. *(f)

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact us through this website.

Thank you for your interest!

*(a) The Yogurt Hut brand is only made available through an official contract between Yogurt Hut and the Licensee. Yogurt Hut actively defends and protects its trademark; any violations of Yogurt Hut’s brand and trademark will be met with swift action from Yogurt Hut’s legal counsel.
*(b) Yogurt Hut can not guarantee the success and outcome of licensed unit(s).
*(c) Price breaks for multi-unit Licensees are available. Requires the use of employees to staff location and provide direct customer service.
*(d) Price breaks for multi-unit Licensees are available. Does not require the use of employees to staff location.
*(e) The financial requirements for entry vary based on numerous factors which are outside of the control of Yogurt Hut. Licensees should have a strong background in business and be aware of local market conditions.
*(f) Yogurt Hut is represented by a consultancy firm which provides telephone and on-site consulting services for Yogurt Hut Licensees on a fee for service basis; the contracted firm can assist Licensees with opening their location, equipment procurement, marketing, advertising, food service vendor contracts, and more; Licensees are responsible for all fees incurred for the use of consultancy services.

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