Self-Serve Dessert With An Island Of Toppings

Froyo lovers are talking about Yogurt Hut

“So many choices to create your own fancy fixed up bowl of yogurt. Yummy! This is a great place to take the kids.”


Delicious yogurt and so any topping choices. Great for individuals or a family and even a group. I love to just pop in for that special treat”


“Yogurt Hut is amazing!  We make multiple trips every time we visit Ashland!!  They have a great selection of yogurt and the most extensive selection of toppings I’ve ever seen!  The staff is always friendly and helpful. Go and enjoy!!”



You be the judge of the deliciousness! Come to Yogurt Hut! #seeyouatthehut #froyo

As if you needed further convincing to enjoy this treat, frozen yogurt also contains protein, calcium, vitamins and potassium. These healthy qualities among others can help boost a person’s immune system, lower cholesterol, and aid the digestive system. Come to Yogurt Hut (link main fb) and treat yourself, guilt free! #seeyouatthehut #froyo

Each Southern Oregon Yogurt Hut location has over 80 different toppings and 10 yogurt flavors. That means there 11,785, 032 combination possibilities.  Ok, so we guessed on the number, but you get where we’re going with this right?

Come to Yogurt Hut (link main fb) and discover your favorite combination creations! #seeyouatthehut #froyo

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